About Us


JHBrandt Acoustic Designs is a company specialized in Acoustics Design & Consulting located in Bekasi, Indonesia and was founded by John H. Brandt. We provide world-wide design and consulting services for Professional Music Studios, Commercial Video and Cinema Facilities, Home Recording Studios, Home Theaters, Multimedia Presentation / Conference Rooms, Performance and Entertainment Spaces, Educational Facilities, and Industrial Acoustical Applications. Learn more about us below.

We provide a unique service based mainly on remote, off-site consultation (site visits are rarely made) making use of modern and inexpensive communication technologies. Consultation is done using email, phone, text chat and video-conference. Plans are drawn up and coordinated with the various team participants, architects, builders, engineers, and other involved parties. Projects are coordinated through regular photo and video inspection until the project is finished. We do not rest until expectations are met through accurate field measurements that validate the successful completion of the project.


This business model allows us to offer our services at fraction of the cost of the competition, thus enabling our clients to save thousands of dollars and reduce CAPEX of new infrastructures.

From multi-room, audio and video production facilities built from the ground up to garage and basement home studios, we have the experience and knowledge to meet your most demanding specification criteria. Let us help you early in the critical planning stage and lead you to professional results!

Design Philosophy

The devil is in the details - A critical listening space is a system.

We approach room acoustics design by looking at the whole. The devil is in the details. – A critical listening space is a system.


This system consists of the room and everything in it, including the people. All of these pieces will affect the sonic accuracy of the recorded material. – Everything works together and if one component changes, the results will shift.


Once we have all the building data and acoustic requirements, we can then break it down into manageable parts. We then optimize each part for their specific work role and test them in a full-size, 3-D, virtual build.


A good communication strategy among all the team players coupled with our knowledge and experience, guarantee the future compatibility and stability of the system.

Project Workflow

Below you’ll find the workflow process we have implemented. The process reflects stages that a project will go through from the time of a client’s first contact with us, to successful project completion.

STEP 1: Contact

The client contacts us for the first time.

This initial contact can be done directly from our contacts page or through the several internet forums we participate in.

STEP 2: Assessment

The client provides us with as much details as possible.

We ask for all property dimensions or, if already built, precise measurements of the space, room configuration and windows/doors placement.

STEP 3: Requirements

We discuss the client's needs and space requirements.

We make a very thorough requirements assessment, evaluating both the client's and space needs. Sometimes this involves ordering a noise survey of the space.

STEP 4: Quote

We provide the client with a quote.

We work with the client to provide a quote that meets his budget, taking into consideration project complexity and client expectations.

STEP 5: Payment

The client makes payment.

We provide several payment options and plans, depending on client needs and project complexity. After the payment has been made we start working immediately on the project.

STEP 3: Design

We work a design until the client is satisfied.

We propose an initial design and show it in a highly detailed 3D model. We work closely with the client revising and refining the design until it is complete and building plans and layouts are delivered.

STEP 7: Construction

Construction begins.

During this stage we assure continuous support to our clients, providing consulting, construction advice, and best practices, sourcing cost effective materials, periodic building assessments, detailed schematics for acoustic elements, and any necessary revisions to the project.

STEP 8: Optimization

We perform detailed testing and room optimization.

With client cooperation, we perform detailed tests in the room (ex: listening & speaker position), assess test data and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the best results.

STEP 9: Completion

The project is complete! You now have a high-standards professional facility.

We ask the client to provide us with high-resolution photos of the final result so we can upload them to our hall-of-fame project gallery... and wish much success!

Contact us and let us know how we can help.