Commercial Video and Cinema Facilities

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Video/Film creation and viewing are two sides of a coin but they both share a common thread: acoustics plays a major role in the success of both.


Live footage is blended with studio effects and dubbing. These effects and the dubbing must match absolutely perfect with the live take. For this reason ADR rooms/booths use extreme isolation and near anechoic treatment to remove any artifacts from the recorded dub or effect.


Likewise, a cinema must provide the environment so that the participant is immersed in the film. Both types of facilities must meet noise requirements of NC-15 (noise criteria).


We design dubbing theaters and cinema theaters in 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos.


The same criteria as commercial music studios above for  offices, lounges, toilets, etc., applies.

We mold concrete, wood, steel, fabric, and dreams into world-class rooms.


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Commercial Video and Cinema Facilities.