Home Theaters


You might not want to go to a public cinema again after watching a movie in one of our Home Theaters. The sound is accurate just as the producers heard and saw the film when they were editing in post production. The sight lines are optimal and the sound is as-though-you-are-IN-the-movie. 


Home Theater spaces are often used for audiophile listening. Every parameter is optimized in this room system: – electronics, sight lines, acoustics, isolation, HVAC and room lighting.


Our designs incorporate the latest in electronics and acoustics technology. Dolby Atmos is supported as well as 5.1 and 7.1 surround. Screens can be motorized, perforated or the new curved screen 4k LED large panel smart-TVs.


Isolation is a critical component in any theater installation. HVAC noise must not exceed NC-15 (noise criteria). Lighting, seating, and general aesthetics are all a critical part of this special room.