Multimedia Presentation / Conference Rooms

Multimedia PresentationMultimedia Presentation Multimedia Presentation

You have a very important presentation to give. It is important that your team really gets what is being said and discussed and that nothing is left to chance or misinterpretation.


An overly reverberant space is the enemy of speech recognition. If you have ever tried to have a quiet conversation in a noisy coffee bar or restaurant, you know what I’m talking about. The reverberant field dominates and to compensate, one raises his or her voice. This often devolves into cacophony where every person is struggling to sort one voice out of the babble.


Specialized acoustical wall and ceiling panels that also house other needed amenities like shelving, lighting, and wall decor can be installed to reduce the reverberant field and improve speech intelligibility. 


In presentation rooms, the seating and viewing angles are also critical, as is the presenters area. All of these fields are addressed during our initial consultation and are specified in our detail drawings.


Again, sound isolation is important and part of the whole. It is best to get us involved early in the project so as to avoid costly remodeling expenses.