Profesional Music Studios


A professional facility has requirements brought upon it not only by the medium in which it operates but also by the surrounding community. Environmental sound isolation is an absolute must just the same as isolating the local environment from sounds being generated inside the facility. As digital recording has improved the signal to noise ratio of the actual recording process, a modern studio must have equivalent signal to noise in its acoustics.


HVAC noise levels must never exceed NC-15 (noise criteria). The RT-60 measurements (reverberation time) must meet a predetermined specification for each room according to its function. Spaces must be designed to spread in the direction of the work-flow, supporting the creative process. Natural lighting incorporated where possible. Noise-free electrical and audio wiring is critical.


Accessibility (ADA facilities), musicians lounge, loading bays, storage, offices, machine rooms, server rooms, toilers, are all part of what makes a successful commercial music studio.


We take all of these components and assemble them together with your ideas, dreams, and goals to create a complete functioning whole.


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