I am honored to display the gracious comments of some of my clients.

John’s consulting is the single best investment I have ever made to my studio - period.
What good is all the equipment you own when your room doesn’t sound right? I can’t believe those are the same speakers I’ve been mixing on the past 5 years: The bass is tight, the midrange is a lot more clear and I can hear even the smallest details. All the brainpower I used to correct my room is now free for creativity - that’s a confidence-boost! My only regret is that I didn’t consult John a lot sooner.
Do yourself a favour and call John.

Frank Acklin, Owner at Störsender Studio

My business is what it is today thanks to John designs and consulting. I am very grateful to him. Best of all is that he is a responsible person in the delivery of designs and always worried about providing the best solution for your situation, whether a large or small control room, a tracking room or rehearsal room, don't matter wich size is your room he will find the best way to help you, even finding cheapest materials to do the work of the expensive ones. Thank you very much John!

Felipe Bolaño Pinedo, Recording, Dialog Edit and Mixing Engineer at Pro Selva Viva

In an industry drowning with fashion statements and the latest trend, John relies on science and experience to cut through the crap and deliver designs which are both aesthetic and use the laws of physics to deliver superlative sound. He is comfortable with any scale of project, and supplies all the data required by builders and technicians to complete your project. He takes out the guesswork and will tell you when you are wrong! It is a great pleasure to have a consultant who's aim is the highest quality job possible. Thanks John, I have no hesitation in recommending you. You have worked with the best in the biz, and now me! (I feel very lucky).

Steve Froudist, Producer at Awesome Wells/DIGITALIS

John has helped me out in several different phases of building my recording studio. I consider him an expert in studio design and acoustics, as his advice has always been spot on.

Brad Fulton, Owner at BlendedFusion

I have had the pleasure of knowing John for a number of years now - and, although I have not had an opportunity to work with him - I am quite familiar with his work. He is an excellent studio designer - well versed in the field - and I do look forward to working with him one of these days. Although he may (technically) be a ``competitor`` I would not hesitate to recommend him for studio design (which I have done in the past).

Rod Gervais, Owner at Sound Solutions

John implemented some of the wire-up of my recording studio back in the '90s and has contributed to that in more recent years. He designed some brilliantly-designed microphones, of which I have a pair, that we use consistently. John's a smart, personable, creative person to have on your side.

Jeff Brock, Producer, Composer, Studio Construction Consultant and Studio Owner

John is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of his field, and is an expert in design of audio products, as well as an expert recording engineer. He's also a nice guy who is always very helpful in his advice, and interested in seeing his clients happy and productive.

Don Coyer, Producer, Engineer, Songwriter and Guitarist

John was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in designing my studio. He is always available and accessible to answer my questions. My association with John has lead to great improvements is the sound of my control room.

Phillip Haut, Music Professional

John has consulted on a few jobs of mine. Although non of the jobs have materialized, John has always been friendly and open to giving me advice. John is both professional and knowledgable. John will give you 100%, no matter what the situation presents...

Kyle Ramsden, Production Engineer at Primedia Broadcasting

You'll get the best value price but with excellent result! I recommend John for your acoustic studio need! Home or Pro Studio.

Joseph Manurung, Sound System Designer, System Integrator, Acoustic Consultant for GBI Fatmawati 25

I've recently completed a ``from scratch`` build of a new studio space for my company. I came to John with this project and he designed the space and advised me and my contractors from beginning to end. His plans and instructions were detailed, precise, and extremely intelligent. If ever a question arose, John was but a Skype call away! The end result is a space which sounds superb and to which I am exceedingly proud to bring my clients. Additionally, John is so incredibly generous with his time that he should probably charge his clients triple what he asks. He is always gracious, positive, encouraging, and thorough. He makes himself available at a moment's notice, and often at all hours of the day. My time with John on the phone and over Skype has been a pleasure through this process. He exudes confidence in his designs and his clients' abilities to execute his plans. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work with John and I know I'll be calling on him again for any additional studio spaces I build in the future.

Ron Artinian, Composer, Founder and Director of Music at Ravel Virtual Studios

If you are looking for a thorough conscientious acoustic designer who bases his work on sound scientific principles coupled with years of hands on experience then John is your guy! John and I worked in many of the same trenches in Music City Nashville and I know from personal experience that he is an experienced competent designer, technician, engineer and craftsman who will do whatever it takes to help you reach your acoustic space design goals!

Ric Landers, Publisher, Musician, Actor, Writer

I have known John for 12 years and have always been amazed at his talent and skills. I had the honor of working with John on a few jobs 2005 and 2006. I can truly say I have the highest regards for the man and his ability to do anything with craftsmanship and pride.

Jim Hill