Who Is John Brandt

I have personally worked with many great audio engineers, producers, musicians, studio and electronics designers throughout my career. I’ve designed studios, performed technical service, produced and engineered records for/with many distinguished personalities, such as: Eddie Kramer, Byron Gallimore, Ray Kennedy, Max T. Barnes, Randy Thomas, Bob DiPiero, Dennis Morgan, Gene Breeden, Owen & Bobby Bradley, Wayne Carson, Hank Cochran, Michael Lunn, Richard Dodd, Hal Rugg, Bernie Leadon, Mark O’Connor, Jim Mckell, Gary Talent, Marshall Morgan, and many others. I have also designed and built custom audio electronics for many studios and performers including: Billy Gibbons, Mark O’Connor and Paul Simon.

John Brandt
John H. Brandt

Early Career

I began my career in 1971 working with small bands from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Cincinatti, Ann Arbor, Boston, and then in France with ex-Fleetwood Mac member, Jeremy Spencer (1974). I toured Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy doing live concerts. During the years of 1975-76, I worked as assistant engineer at ABC Recording Studio in Paris (France) and Bobby Solo’s Studio near Rome (Italy). I had my own business repairing and re-building amps in London and the Midlands (Leicester & Birmingham – England), and also doing studio work and live performance sound (1976-1980).

Enlisted In The Army

In 1981 I returned to the United States and joined the US Army for a period of 3 years in an attempt to get out of the music business. But after acquiring the Army Commendation Medal and an honorable discharge I went right back to business.

Back To Business

From 1984-1986 I owned & operated JHB Sound Productions recording studio in Harker Heights, Texas, and engineered live concerts for The Judds, Michael Martin Murphy, Tanya Tucker, David Clayton Thomas, etc. In 1986, I was hired as chief engineer by Bob Millsap at Ironside Studios in Branson, Missouri, and there worked with Rodney Dillard, Ray Price, Shoji Tabuchi, Tommy Overstreet, Sissy Lynn daughter of country music legend Loretta Lynn, and many more.


In 1989, I created Brandt Audio Devices in Nashville, Tennessee where I designed and installed at least two dozen recording studios in the Nashville area (during the 90s). Brandt Audio Devices was sold in 2008 and is now Organic Audio.


In 1998 I installed Blue Heaven Studios in Salina Kansas with Neil Muncy and made custom modifications to the studio’s Neve console. In 2004 I built my own studio Song Garden Studios in the Detroit area.


In 2008 I have relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia. I now live in Bekasi (Jakarta suburb) with my wife Erika, son Leonardo and daughter Nadine.


I created my current business model under the name JH Brandt  and participate on several Internet forums including GearSlutz, HomeRecording, TapeOP, SOS forum, Home Theater Shack, and Ethan Winer Acoustics Forum. I work from my home-office and over the last few years I have designed, consulted, and overseen the build of more than 200 studios.

John and his daughter Nadine
John and his daughter Nadine

In the fall of 2014, I decided to take my business to the next level and re-branded my business to JHBrandt Acoustic Designs, creating a new website that demonstrates my work and services.  My commitment to serving clients and sharing knowledge will continue stronger than ever as we build our workshop here in Bekasi, Indonesia. – John Brandt