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World-Class, full-service acoustics and audio/video design company, specializing in recording studios and critical listening/viewing environments

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With over 40 years in the industry, JH Brandt is a full-service acoustics and audio/video design company, specializing in recording studios and critical listening/viewing environments


Hello. Welcome to my site. I design recording studios world wide as well as the custom acoustic products and custom equipment for use in them.

If you are not familiar with my company and this is your first contact with me is here, online: I would be pleased to hear from you! (john@jhbrandt.net) Please let me know your questions & needs.

I provide design, construction, and consulting services for professional audio/video facilities, multi-media presentation rooms, residential home theaters, performance and entertainment spaces, industrial acoustical applications, education facilities, and many other types of projects, world-wide. My specialties are both vibration/sound isolation and room acoustics. Pro-Audio electronics design is also one of my passions which I have been involved with since I was in my teens.




If you are not familiar with my company and this is your first contact with me is here, online: I would be pleased to hear from you! Send me an email (john@jhbrandt.net) Please let me know your needs, budget & questions; I will be happy to help.

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Every acoustic situation is different and "One Size Fits All" does not apply. Advice from well-meaning friends, associates, and online forums can not give you the answers you need.

Sound isolation solutions are often not simple. Acoustic isolation, particularly music, requires construction and is expensive. The same goes for balanced acoustics in a control room environment, critical listening/mastering room, and home theater. "If one thing is certain about acoustics, it is that if anything seems obvious it is probably wrong." - James Moir.

Acoustics is counter-intuitive and it can take years of trial and error for the hobbyist to obtain a suitable result, not to mention that the trial & error approach can be prohibitively expensive.

Get my help with your studio design today.

Contact me via email to receive a quote for the complete design/details for construction, isolation, acoustics, with drawings (AutoCAD 3-D with professional layouts), specific advice and continuous support during the building process and guaranteed results.

When you choose my services, I will become your personal consultant for your studio construction. I will be available to you during business hours here in Jakarta, Indonesia. You will receive recommendations on everything that you will need including materials and alternatives, construction techniques, and specific custom details unique to your situation. - You will also receive a Free copy of my book, "Build Your Own Home Studio".

All designs are drawn in AutoCAD 3D (.dwg), electronics in OrCAD, and can be converted for import to other programs. I send layouts in pdf and jpeg for printing and viewing on paper. I recommend that you get a copy of AutoDesk DWG TrueView available for free, OR download DraftSight (which you can draw with and edit/annotate my dwg files). I can import Google Sketchup files but do not use Sketchup for drawings.


1. Direction: The utilization of the space, sound transmission loss requirements, type of recordings, and the details of your current construction. You will be asked to send as many photos as you can manage. I like to say, "The devil is in the details"- it is. My service is specific and exact. Once we arrive at a specification for your studio, and my instructions are followed, I guarantee that you will obtain the balanced acoustics desired and the level of isolation specified or better.

2. Construction consultation: I will design the partition walls with details and specify specialty products & materials and the construction technique. I will need photos of the on-going work as it is being built on a daily basis - just as though I were an on-site consultant/contractor. Construction consultation will be on-going until completion of the project.

3. Acoustics: Acoustics design is viewed by some as a subjective issue. It is not. The 'look' of the acoustics is, of course, a superficial aesthetic which will be discussed and agreed upon as well as the direction of the acoustics design. The RFZ (Reflection Free Zone - Peter D'Antonio) design criteria is the most common today followed by modified versions and even the obsolete LEDE (Live End Dead End - Don & Chips Davis ). Note: I also design to NE (Non-Environment - Tom Hidley. Sam Toyoshima, Philip Newell, and several others use this approach) specifications, and cutting edge Ambechoic (Peter D'Antonio - George Massenburg). Regardless of the design philosophy, the acoustics will (must) be balanced and neutral in the control room.

Most designs that I do, unless specified, will be my own The Balance design technique. The Balance incorporates past and current knowledge of Control Room Design into one beautiful and functional system.

A different technique is applied for Tracking Rooms where 'areas' in the tracking room can have acoustics favoring certain instruments or the entire tracking room can be designed with variable acoustics.

4. Finish & Testing: After the studio is built; acoustics & equipment in place, testing will be done. After analysis, problem areas will be identified & addressed.

** Years after your project is completed I plan on being here to answer your questions and/or concerns. It is my intention to create a relationship that will continue throughout your career.

Get an estimate for my design services today

Please send me all the info that you have, especially the (H-W-D) measurements, photos, drawings, including any particular noise/transmission loss specifications that you need to meet. I will be available to you until your project is completed.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Let me know when you would like to start and which services you would like. My contact information is at the bottom of all the pages on this site.



Our Budget design package for the small home studio is now only $600 USD. (up to 22 square meters or 237 square feet) Our new package features a budget design for Do-It-Yourselfers. You get a complete 2D layout and consulting on ‘how to do it’.
Included in this package:

a. Current room and treatment options plus usability report with Low Frequency analysis.
b. Scheduled Skype Chat – when I am available.
c. Scheduled Face-to-face Skype call of 30 minutes to discuss your project.
d. Unlimited email support.
e. Free copy of my book, “Build Your Own Home Studio”.
f. 2D plan layout plus three elevations showing acoustic treatment placement.
g. Complete design drawings for all the treatment that you will build.
h. Personal coaching/consulting through the building process.
i. Analysis of your new room after treatment, and help with positioning the speakers/ listener.

If your room is larger than listed above, it does not qualify for our home studio discount

Send me an email if you would like to discuss this further.

Remember: A collection of nice, expensive studio equipment in a room doesn't make a studio; it makes a music store!

We also offer design & consulting packages for the following:

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QRD & PRD Diffusors - Space Couplers - Wall Treatment Panels/Sections (Acoustic Panels, Bass Traps, Corner Traps, including our proprietary 'deep-bass' Membrane Traps) - Ceiling Treatment Panels - Acoustic Doors - Acoustic Windows - Desks - Racks - Silent Computer Cabinets, HVAC Silencers, Etc., Etc., Etc.

Buy my book "Build Your Own Home Studio" for only $14.95 - online pdf download. - 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Once the transaction is complete and I receive an email from PayPal, I will send you an email with the download link. Please be patient. If you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to write to me at john@jhbrandt.net Thank you.
Sincerely, - John H. Brandt

Late note: at about the beginning of the year my book was stolen and placed on a free download site against my will or permission. I have written to the owners of that site but they are obviously pirates that care about nothing but destroying free enterprise and the planet. If you have recieved a copy of my stolen book I would appreciate a Donation to pay for my work, intellectual property, and so that I can continue my research. I am not funded otherwise. Thank you.

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A little history...

I have personally worked with many great audio engineers, producers, musicians, & studio and electronics designers throughout my career. I've designed studios, performed technical service, and/or produced or engineered records for/with: Eddie Kramer, Byron Gallimore, Ray Kennedy, Max T. Barnes, Randy Thomas, Bob DiPiero, Dennis Morgan, Gene Breeden, Owen & Bobby Bradley, Wayne Carson, Hank Cochran, Michael Lunn, Richard Dodd, Hal Rugg, Bernie Leadon, Mark O'Connor, Jim Mckell, Gary Talent, Marshall Morgan..... I have also designed and built custom audio electronics for many studios and performers including Billy Gibbons, Mark O'Connor, Paul Simon, and Organic Audio.

I began my career in 1971 working with small bands from Dallas/Ft. Worth, Cincinatti, Ann Arbor, Boston, then in France with ex-Fleetwood Mac member, Jeremy Spencer (1974). I toured Belgium, France, Germany, and Italy doing live concerts. I worked as assistant engineer at ABC recording studio in Paris, France & Bobby Solo's Studio in Laurentina, Italy (Rome - 1975-6). I had my own business repairing and re-building amps in London and the Midlands (Leicester & Birmingham), England, and also doing studio work & live performance sound (1976-1980).

I owned & operated JHB Sound Productions recording studio in Harker Heights, Texas (1984-1986) and engineered live concerts for The Judds, Michael Martin Murphy, Tanya Tucker, David Clayton Thomas, etc. In 1986, I was hired as chief engineer by Bob Millsap at Ironside Studios in Branson, Missouri and there worked with Rodney Dillard, Ray Price, Shoji Tabuchi, Tommy Overstreet, Sissy Lynn daughter of country music legend Loretta Lynn, and many more. In 1989, I created Brandt Audio Devices in Nashville, Tennessee and designed & installed at least two dozen recording studios in the Nashville area (1990s). Brandt Audio Devices was sold in 2008 and is now Organic Audio.

In 1998 I installed Blue Heaven Studios in Salina Kansas with Neil Muncy and made custom modifications to the Neve console. In 2004 I built Song Garden Studios in the Detroit area, and in 2008 I have relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia. I now live in Bekasi (Jakarta suburb) with my wife Erika, son Ari, & daughter Nadine.

I currently post on several forums -JH Brandt Studio Design Forum, GearSlutz, HomeRecording, TapeOP, SOS forum, Musitek (Indonesian), Home Theater Shack, and Ethan Winer Acoustics Forum. On all the forums, I do my best to help folks like you with their commercial studio, home studio, home theater, and private audiophile listening rooms.