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John H. Brandt, acoustic designer

John is an Acoustic Designer providing a design and build service for the music industry. Designing acoustic solutions for private and professional recording studios, home theatres, Dolby Atmos rooms and critical listening spaces since the 1980’s. Johns’ high standards guarantee client satisfaction and confidence, founded from his experience and intimate knowledge as an acoustic designer and the required industry standards.


The acoustic design process, one size does not fit all

We offer a vast range of services to accommodate the many different scenarios that we encounter on a daily basis. Each acoustic design application has it’s own specific challenges and unique solutions. This is why we approach every project differently because one size does NOT fit all.


World-class, full-service acoustics and audio/video design company specializing in recording studios and critical listening/viewing environments.


John H. Brandt Acoustic Designs


We are proud of our work and our passion shows. John H. Brandt Acoustic Designs has been full time in the music industry since 1972 and designing/building private and professional studios since the 1980s. Our high standards guarantee client satisfaction and our confidence is founded in our experience and intimate knowledge of industry standards.




With a portfolio covering more than 40 years in the industry, 25 years of experience in the field and over 200 high-standard and World-Class audio/video facilities built.


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We Specialize In

We offer a vast range of services to accommodate the many different scenarios that we encounter on a daily basis. Each situation has it’s own specific challenges and unique solutions. This is why we approach every project differently because one size does NOT fit all.


Bellow you’ll find our service catalog:

We plan Professional Music Studios from the ground up. Usually meaning commercial facilities, these include, live recording and rehearsal areas, critical listening rooms (mastering/mixing/production), among others. We also carefully plan all the support aspects of a facility such as: electrical installation, HAVAC, living areas, load-in access requirements (loading bays/doors), storage, offices, machine rooms, handicap access, rest rooms,  etc.


Similar to Professional Music Studios with the addition of stage lighting, screen selection options, movable partitions, etc.


Just because it is in your home, doesn’t mean that it won’t be professional grade. Many professional composers, musicians, and producers prefer to work out of their homes with great success.


Time to relax and get away. You might not want to go to a commercial cinema again after watching a movie in one of our Home Theaters

The purpose of these rooms is that the idea or presentation is understood. In our meeting rooms, every seat is seen and heard as though the meeting were one-on-one.


The key to a great performance and experience is often in the space itself.  All of the room components; seating, view (from both the audience and performer perspective), ensemble of the players, and the interaction of the audience create a memorable performance and are the hallmark of a well designed hall.


Students score higher when they can focus on the material being presented. Classroom acoustics is critical to educational goals.


Noise and equipment sound isolation. From private home to large industrial facilities.

Why choose us

With us you’re in good hands. Our experience and knowledge make us a leader in remote services and our passion keeps us on top of the game. We won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied with the results.


Bellow you’ll find a list of some of the advantages that we have to offer you:

Efficient Design

Each and every design is unique.

We uniquely tailor our designs to our clients' needs, taking into consideration many aspects such as, individual style, workflow, available areas, budget, etc. We spend hours perfecting our designs, improving and simplifying to ensure that all the pieces are easily built by your construction team.

Accurate Acoustics

All our designs employ a continuous theme that sets us apart from the crowd.

We have developed our own design criteria built upon solid science, past experience, high-standards adoption and continuous improvement.

Precise Testing

Precise testing is done before and after project completion.

We rely on repeatable and accurate testing techniques to guarantee the quality and performance of all spaces we design. Acoustic testing is done after isolation walls are built and before and after treatment is installed, ensuring that in the end specifications are fully met.

Consulting Support

We provide continuous consulting support throughout the entire project.

Utilizing the latest in communications technology, we virtually transport ourselves to the clients' home, office and work-site for consultation and build inspections. We use free applications such as Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, among others.

Affordable Pricing

We offer plans to accommodate a very large variety of budgets.

We help you work within the restraints of your budget and have many options available, from hourly consultation to per-project billing. Our home studio budget acoustics design package starts at $800 USD.

3D Modeling

All our designs are faithfully modeled in 3D.

We use the latest AutoCAD 3D technology to model all our designs. We rely on experience, testing data, individual analysis and calculation to bring you the optimal design and layout relative to individual needs and budget. We also accept any reference drawing and then turn these ideas into a full-size 3D model that can be referenced for the build phase.


Teamwork is a crucial aspect of our culture.

It's our priority to be directly involved with all entities participating in the project. We consult with architects, structural engineers, builders, electricians, and others on a daily basis if necessary. Whether we lead a project or consult only, we value the knowledge and expertise of the team and work together to make the project a success.

Integrity In Business

We do not sell any other product neither we receive any kick-backs for our recommendations.

We only endorse products whose specifications meet the current build requirements, and we will only recommend products with verified testing data.

It Is Personal

We take every case personally.

We get to know you, your passion/your music, and the way you love to work. Because if an artist is not comfortable he can't be creative, we will help you bring your dream into reality for you to enjoy for years to come.

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